Optics Design

Our specific know-how on optics design using Zemax is at your service.

  • Optics : F-Theta, telecentric, laser propagation, …
  • Telescopes : Cassegrain, TMA,…
  • Including apodisation Collimating optics
  • Fiber optics : All fibers types, SMF, MMF, …
OTéO Optics ingénierie en systèmes optiques études et calculs Zemax pour téléscopes collimateurs et optique fibrée


OTéO optics delivers expertise on following topics :

We have a solid expertise on photometric designs & calculations.

Any irradiance, intensity or ghosts issues (Flare & co) are managed with OTéO.

Specific know-how available on these topics.

Optics & photometrics features measuring benches :

  • Distortion
  • MTF
  • Irradiance
  •  Emitted Intensity
  • BRDF

Pixel measuring benches :

  • Pixel radiometric response
  • Pixel MTF
  • Pixel X-talk

Surgery optics, sterilization box, photometric modeling is necessary.

Notice we offer 3D measurements expertise.

Telecentric optics are our specialty.

We offer a vectorial analysis on your inspection images.

Spécialiste de la photométrie des optiques télécentriques et traitement d'images professionnel OTéO Optics


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