OTéO is :

Precision Optics manufacturer

OTéO’s offer :

  • optical systèmes Design & manufacturing

Telescopes, laser optics, fiber optics optics measuring benches…

  • Optics polishing :

biological polishing (French Innovation project)

top quality : over λ/20 PTV

all substrates

non conventional geometry polishing

Optics Design & Manufacturing

We Design the optics, the associated mechanics and we make the full assembly of systems with our polished lenses.

For instance :

  • Optical systems (F-Theta optics, telecentric systems, Stray-light/Baffles, Laser optics,…)
  • Telescopes (Cassegrain, TMA…)
  • Apodised collimator
  • Fiber optics (all fiber types, SMF, MMF,…)
  • optics & photometrics measuring benches (distortion, MTF, irradiance, emitted intensity, BRDF, …)
  • Pixel measuring benches (radiometric response, pixel MTF, X-talk)
  • medical optics (scialytic, 3D measurements)
  • Industrial inspection (PCB inspection, glass inspection, …)

We offer an expertise on various applications.

Zemax optics FTheta Bureau d'étude optique Système optique

Zemax optical Design, Photometric design, F-Theta optics, telecentric optics

OptoMécanique Support FABRY-PEROT

our team integrate complex optical systems, either prototypes, either measuring benches.

Optique de precision ingénieur optique de qualité

Biologic polishing,

optics quality better than lambda/20, all cristals, all metals, all infrared materials


We are precision optics professionals

Discover OtéO team !

Didier Rousse OTéO opticien de Précision - spécialisé dans le polissage optique et la fabrication de systèmes optiques complexes.


OTéO Chief Operating Officer

Precision optician from Lycée Fresnel

45 years in optics manufacturing and assemblies

Romain Ramel OTéO ingénieur Sup’Opticien - spécialisé en études et réalisations de systèmes optiques complexes

Romain RAMEL

OTéO President

Sup’Optique engineer

32 years in optics Design & optics assemblies

Virginie Rousse Franchot OTéO

Virginie ROUSSE

optics manufacturer

27 years in optics manufacturing

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